Mr. Taylor

This is my ninth year of teaching. Before coming to Jefferson Jr. High last year, I taught sixth grade at Jim Bridger Elementary.
Before that, I taught fifth grade for five years at Westbrook Elementary.
I received a Bachelor's Degree at Western Governors University. I also have a Gifted & Talented endorsement from Southern Utah University, as well as an ESL endorsement from Weber State University.
I am currently earning a Master's Degree in American History through Gettysburg College.
Twelve Things About Me
  1. I grew up in Bennion, Utah.

  2. I was educated in the Granite School District. (Plymouth Elementary / Eisenhower Jr. / Taylorsville High)

  3. My wife and I have been married for 28 years and have five children. (four girls and one boy)

  4. Before becoming a teacher, I was a radio DJ for 20 years. (photos below)

  5. I love music and own over 200,000 songs. (My favorite is "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel)

  6. I also performed stand-up comedy. (video below)

  7. I portray a teacher in a BYU Vocal Point music video. ​(video below)

  8. Sharks are my favorite animal. (My second favorite is a wolf, and my third is a Gila Monster.)

  9. I have been collecting Pez dispensers since I was seven years old. I have about 500. (Video)

  10. I speak Spanish, and I'm currently teaching myself Italian and Portuguese.

  11. I own a plot of land in Wigtownshire, Scotland, which makes me a Lord...or Laird, in Scottish.

  12. I became an ordained minister in 2021. (You can call me "The Minister of Music" or "The Reverend of Rock")​

Find Mr. Taylor

This is my 6th-grade class photo. Can you tell which of these kids is me?

Mr. Taylor is the recipient of the Kiwanis Educator Award (2016) and the Elbert K. Fretwell Outstanding Educator Award (2020).

He is also a three-time nominee for Gilder-Lehrman Institute's National History Teacher of the Year.


KKAT 2001
KKAT 2001

Even though I still work at KSL as a board op, my on-air radio career lasted from 1994-2014.

For most stations, I used my real name, but I did go by a few other names:

Mike Myers (K-Rock 103.1 / Rock 99), John 'Doc' Holliday (Classic Country AM 700), Eric Chase (Oldies 94.1)

Deseret News August 13, 2004


My stand-up comedy debut.

The music video. I show up around the 3:14 mark.


Row One (from left): As Elvis Presley; with Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay on High School Musical); at Sun Studios in Memphis; K-ROCK staff with Aerosmith

Row Two: With KOSY's Erica Hansen and Donny Osmond; with my dad at Wrigley Field; in Rangacua, Chile; with the Rocky Balboa statue in Philadelphia

Row Three: With my wife at the Liberty Bell; with Ghostbusters vehicle; at Mount Rushmore; at Chichen Itza, Mexico, with a few of my kids

Row Four: in the THS production of Little Shop of Horrors; in Punxsutawney, PA; hanging out with some friends; my happy place (the beach)