It's quite simple: I challenge you to read 40 BOOKS this school year!

I can hear you now: “Mr. Taylor, why would I want to read 40 BOOKS in one year?”

Well, as Abraham Lincoln once said:

(Click on the links to see some book options.​)

Realistic Fiction = 4 Historical Fiction = 4 Mystery = 2

Adventure = 2 Science Fiction = 3 Fantasy = 3

Traditional Literature (tall tales, myths, fairy tales, etc.) = 2

Biography = 3 Autobiography = 3 Poetry = 2

Your Choice = 12 (6 Fiction and 6 Non-Fiction)

  1. The book MUST be read between August 2022 and May 2023.

  2. The book MUST be 100+ pages to count. If you read something less than 100 pages, you will need to read another book to make up for the pages.

  3. The book MUST have more words than pictures.

  4. You MUST read the book yourself. You cannot count any book that was read to you by your mom or your device.

  5. You MUST turn in a book report for each book to get the credit.

  6. You MUST turn in the tracker after you have read all 40 BOOKS.
Okay, so that was actually Dr. Seuss who said that, which you would've known if you read more. However, it has been proven that frequent reading helps you retain things you learn, and remember them in years to come.
Now before you think, "This is the easiest challenge," you probably should know that you MUST read the number of books from each genre indicated below.

Any questions?

Do you mean a better brain AND the satisfaction that you did something difficult is not enough?
How about this? Everyone that finishes the 40 BOOK CHALLENGE will get...


A nifty medal to show off to their friends and family

A pizza party with Mr. Taylor during the last week of school

What are you waiting for? Stop reading this, get out a book, and start the 40 BOOK CHALLENGE!